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My Computer and Gameconsoles Collection / Museum Meine alten Berichte von der Retrozentrale
My trip to the Pong Mythos in Bern in 2007 -------> HIER KLICKEN <------
Buenzli 21 / Demodays 2012 (only links, no partyreport this year)  
Buenzli 20 / Demodays 2011 pictures  
Buenzli 19 (2010) pictures and little partyreport  
Buenzli 18 (2009) pictures and my Epson HX-20 demo (video)  
Buenzli 17 (2008) pictures and my Organizer demo (video)  

Buenzli 16 (2007) pictures


Buenzli 15 (2006) pictures


Metal Blob Solid and Hurrican Game cheats / Various contents




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