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This year the Buenzli Demoparty was on the 20th, 21th and 22th August, like every year in Winterthur / Switzerland. Mhhh stop, badly it seems so, that it was the last time in Winterthur. The building has new owners, and it seems that they don't want demoparties in the building. There was every party in the last years a special atmosphere in the building with the church organ, the gallery and the parquet floor. But not only the building makes the special atmosphere of the Buenzli party. Also the friendly Organisers, the sceners, the demos and certainly Chefkochs great food. So I'm sure the next Buenzli will be the same fun and great party - whereever it will be...

Here are some fotos and other informations about the party.

Oh wait, I forgot... You don't know what a Demo or a Demoparty is? Then read point 2.1 and 4.1 of the Demo and Demoscene FAQ

But now the pictures and the stuff:

Party room
Party room 2

Party room

Party room 3
Party room
Unlock speech
Unlocks opening speech on Friday evening.
As every year, there is the game corner with several consoles, f.e. Mega Drive etc.


On Friday evening, there was the show of Kenobit & Arottenbit "Surfing on Square Waves". Kenobit plays great technomusic using only 2 old Gameboys with no extra effects. Great 8bit music !
During Saturday, David from Mobileskino showed 2 very interesting arcade machines. The first one was the "Racer" a racing game. The special thing: This arcade machines work with only analogue technik. The street of the racing game runs on a 8mm movie, the sound is played from a cassette tape, the game works with switches, buttons, light sensors. No digital parts like microchips or similar, but the game is very funny. Interested? Then visit the arcade page of Mobileskino.
Also from Mobileskino, the 8Box. A shooting game where you have to hit definied targets. Also this game works fully with analoge technic. The clou: Whatever target you hit: It burns a hole in the 8mm movie that shows the gametargets. This is done by stopping the film projector for a very short time after you shot, so the projector lamp burns a hole in the film. The gun itself works not with lightgun technics,you can aim on what you want, if you pull the trigger you hit. (but psycological and for fun, you aim anyway on the targets on the screen.) Also a very funny machine. The Racer and the 8Box proves, that the good old analogue technic can make the same fun as modern digital stuff...
A view to the entrace desk... Hope you bought one of the horny BNZ shirts as a souvenir ?
The partyroom by day... The last time we watched democompos on a screen in front of a huge church organ...
On Saturday evening, there also was a very great live event. Säurefabrik/G.A.M.E.S. played one hour live great Commodore 64 music with his S!F64 Zwillingsprozessor Unit. Too bad, I haven't made some fotos or videos during the event. If I will get some fotos/videos from this show during Buenzli 19, I will post them here later. If you want more information about this great special unit and about Säurefabrik, visit his page.
So, now some screenshots/impressions of the shown demos. (Interested to watch this demos at home? Just click on the picture to download the Demo/Video/Picture (whatever it is) or follow the important links listed below to download all Buenzli productions...)
This year, the surprise compo wasn't the same like the last years before. Because the party was probably the last time at the partyplace in Winterthur, the topic was "Why the location hates you". (Normally there are 3 topics at once for this compo). Over 10 people/groups made a contribution for this compo. From small (but funny) pictures to larger demos. The youtube video above left shows the demo "Get Out!" from Artway . In only a few hours they produced a demo that shows the Buenzli party hall, not easy to explain, just watch it :-)
By the way, last time in Winterthur? Will there be an overhead projector at the new partyplace next year? Because the Buenzli exclusiv OHP demo compo must continue! Watch the OHP demo "Winne Tour" from Alcatraz. (Youtube video above on the right, beside the Artway demo)
An here my very little contribution: First I had no entry for the Buenzli 19. But then I thought "This can't be, do just something very little like an ASCII picture or similar". Then I decided to make a very little demo on my old Sharp Organizer, with the Cowee picture. Really nothing special, made just for fun...

***** Video recorded live during the democompo***********

Important Links:
Buenzli 19 demos on pouet.net (year 2010) (Not all demos are already uploaded to pouet.net / Please have patience)
Buenzli Website and Echtzeitkultur Website
All Buenzli 19 demos on scene.org (downloadable by website or ftp) (Some surprise demo and the OHP demos not yet on scene.org)
Greetings to: All party organisers and all people I met at the partyplace and all other demosceners... Thank you for the party, the interesting demos and all !!!
Special Greetings to:
- Vectrex to be my table neighbour as always ;-)
- The Compiler and his friends for their very special microcontroller wild demo ;-) This rulez!
- Wayne and Jack-3d from Artway for interesting discussions about demoparties, demos, pouet, horrible Swiss beer etc. and showing me some of their great productions. Also thanks to whole Artway group for their great demos at Buenzli and at other parties. You rulez !!!
- David from Säurefabrik for his great C64 music on Saturday evening and showing the special arcade machines from mobileskino.
- Again to the Buenzli Orgas and all co-helpers for Buenzli, Chefkoch, Demoscene.TV and all others...


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