Last update 13th November 2008. (Better overview and sorting of the links coming soon)
Commodore 64:
www.c64.com All Commodore 64 games you are looking for...
www.64er.de All Commodore 64 games you are looking for...
www.c64.ch Huge Commodore 64 demo page...
www.commodore.ca Commodore models, manuals, video commercials etc.
www.hvsc.c64.org Huge SID Music Collection
www.longplays.de C64 Longplay articles (from differenz old magazines)
docsnyderspage "Flashtros" - Flash-Commodore 64 Intros running in the webbrowser
C64 Vice Emulator The best Commodore64 emulator / Run the C64 on your PC...
International Karate Play IK online :-) A tribute to International Karate.
C64S Play a lot of Commodore 64 games online in your Browser (Java Emulation)
Commodore65.ch.vu Commodore 65 wanted !!!
http://girls.c64.org/ (new) Artworks of girls (and men) and pictures of sex games / diashows from the Commodore 64
http://www.c64web.com/ (new) This page is hosted on a Commodore 64 built in 1982 ! (Thats true !)
PDF Mags:  
C64 Mags de Website with a lot of german diskmags and PDF-mags.
Lotek64 Great german PDF-Mag about old computers and game consoles, mainly about the C64.
Cevi-Aktuell Great german PDF-Mag (including programs on a disk image) about the Commodore 64.
Commodorefree Great english PDF-Mag.
Scacom New german PDF-Mag about Commodore and other computers.
www.retrozentrale.net Website about the book "Emulatoren" from Hansjürg Wüthrich and a lot of retro computing news and infos.
www.gameandwatch.ch Great Swiss Nintendo Game & Watch Site.
Gameandwatchmania Game & Watch emulators. Play Game & Watch on your PC !
www.gameandwatch.com Great Nintendo Game & Watch Site
e-lation Great Page about emulation software. Daily updated.
Atariage Great Atari 2600 (and other Atari consoles) site.
Other Museum Pages:  
www.8bitmuseum.de Very great museum page of old computers.
www.homecomputer.de Very great museum page of old computers.
www.classiccomputer.de Very great museum page of old computers.
Sharp Organizer museum Collection of all Sharp Organizers and accessories.
Franks Taschenfernseher Cool collection of pocket TVs.
computer-archiv.de Not really a museum, but a huge database about old computers.
PSP (Playstation Portable)  
pspupdates.qj.net PSP news, downgrading, homebrew etc. (here you should find everything you need for the PSP)
www.psp-hacks.com PSP stuff
noobz.eu/ PSP homebrew. Website of the legendary Fanjita and Ditlew !!!
pspfreak.de PSP news in German language
Other/different stuff :  
Bronko's Turrican Forever Great Turrican Fanpage with a lot of stuff.
Hurrican/Turrican Remake Great Turrican Remake from "Poke53280" for the PC. Very good, play it !
Poke 53280 More great remakes and stuff from the coders of "Hurrican".
http://www.remix64.com/ Remixes of Commodore 64 music. (see also remix.kwed.org)
http://remix.kwed.org/ Remixes of Commodore 64 music. (see also remix64.com)
http://www.arcadezentrum.com Very good Board about Arcade machines and games (german)
http://www.p-six.de Special online games collection (f.e. over 250 pac man online games)
http://www.asciiposter.com/ (new) Turns your foto or picture into a picture made of ASCII characters.
http://bub-n-bros.sourceforge.net/ (new) Play Bubble Bobble online with other gamers (multiplayer)
Webradio / Scenemusic  
Nectarine Radio Plays Computer, game, and demoscene music from Commodore to PC and remixes. Huge playlist!!! Important note: Nectarine radio was hacked in September 2008. R.I.P. ! This link directs to a very good revival project.
http://www.radio-paralax.de Plays a lot of very good remixes of Commodore, gameconsoles and demoscene music. Very good liveshows !
www.slayradio.org Plays Commodore 64 game music remixes
www.gamingfm.com (offline) Another great webradio that plays Computer- and Gamemusics... (offline at the moment)
www.scenesat.com (new) SceneSat brings you the music of the scene. New radio station, but streams already working.
www.sceneman.net (new) Also a (small) demoscene music radio.
www.radio6581.com (new) The sound of SID. Also a very good radio station (that not only play SID sounds)
www.mazemod.org (new) Plays acid, bass and chip tunes.
www.kohina.com 8Bit Radio. Plays older / 8bit computer game musics...
Bitfellas Also a 8Bit Radio.
www.di.fm (not demoscene) A lot of cool techno channels. (Not a demoscene radio station)
Digitalgunfire (not demoscene) Special radio station with gothic and similar sound. (Not a demoscene radio station)
http://www.myownmusic.de Not a radio station, but a lot of very good music / all styles. (Most of them are free to download)
Various useful stuff  
www.archive.org Internet-Archive. Find old sites or old versions of sites.
www.wikipedia.org Huge internet encyclopedia.
Nokia Unlocker Hack your Nokia, find out the mastercode and the simlock-code.
Internet Speed Test Test your internet speed.
Winhistory Great Windows History Page. Do you remember DOS and Windows 3.1 ???
Watching TV via Internet Try Zattoo for watching TV via internet (free service, you only need to sign up with your email adress)
Live search maps Preview of new map technology: Drive through the streets of Seattle and San Francisco.
http://skreemr.com/ Very good MP3 search machine (you can pre-listen the files direct in the search results)
Media-Convert.com Convert a lot of file types online (free service) f.e. mp3 to ogg, avi to mpg, doc to pdf and much more.
Windows Vista Test Drive Test Windows Vista and Office 2007 online, in your internet browser.
http://keepvid.com/ Download Movies from Youtube and other video pages in flash format. (convert it with media-convert.com)
http://www.southparkstudios.com Watch all South Park episodes online for free ! (english episodes, official South Park site, no illegal copies)
http://10minutemail.com (new) Gives you a temporary e-mail adress for 10 minutes. If you need one, and you don't want give your own adress.
Anti-Virus and PC Security  
Antivir - Freeav Free and very good virus scanner. Try this bevore buying a commercial product. (Also availible for Vista)
spybot.info/ Spybot - Search and Destroy. A very good free Spywarescanner.
Adaware (Aware from Adware) Good Adwarescanner.
Panda Total Scan Very good Free Online Scan from Panda Software. (Viruses and spyware)
housecall.trendmicro.com Very good free online virus scanner.
F-Secure Rootkit Scanner Rootkit Scanner from F-Secure (currently free beta version)
http://www.virustotal.com/de/ Not sure if a file is infected with a virus? Upload the file to this website and it will be checked very well...
scene.org Number 1 of the demoscene websites... (Download)
pouet.net Also number 1 of the demoscene websites... (Overview and ratings of all demos)
Demoscene TV You read a lot about demos and the demoscene on this page? Watch Demoscene TV and enjoy cool demos online!
4Sceners Cool demoscene site with news, demos etc.
Metalvotze My favourite demo group ;-)
Echtzeitkultur.org Association that organizes the Buenzli demo party and is involved in other scene activities.
Buenzli The site about the Swiss Demoparty named "Buenzli".
Demo Party Calendar Calendar with dates of european computer demo parties.
http://noname.c64.org/ C64 Scene Database (CSDB)
Useful "Switzerland"-Links  
Webcam Zurich Great webcam with a good view over Zurich
Hardbruecke Zurich See how much traffic runs on the Hardbrücke.
Auto Index for some cantons car number plate Index for some Swiss cantons.
Parkleitsystem Zurich Watch how much free space is left in the parking garages of Zurich.
Radar.CH Useful site about radar speed traps in Switzerland.
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