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Metal Blob Solid PSP version CHEATS

Note: Metal Blob Solid - Blob wars is a very cool freeware game, that was also ported to the Sony PSP.

In the normal version of Metal Blob Solid (PC, Dreamcast etc.), you can type a secret keyword ( type "lockandload" in the options menu) to access the cheat menu. But on the PSP you haven't a keyboard and nowhere in the internet you find the key sequence to access the cheat menu. (If you know a page where this cheat code is posted, please let me know). After seeking in the source code, I found the key sequence:

R / Up / Down / Left / Right / L / Select / Start / Square / Home

After pressing Home, answer with NO or you will quit the game. After this you can access the cheat menu under the option menu. But think, that the game is more funny without cheating. (You will find the aqua lung and jetpack without cheating during the game.)

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Metal Blob Solid / How to solve the ???? ???????? ???? missions.

In some levels, you will have tasks with description ???? ???????? ???? to solve. But you don't know what to do? Easy, don't try to solve this tasks, it is impossible until a later part of the game. To avoid spoiling the game with to much information I only can say: Continue playing more levels, and anytime the ???? ???????? ???? tasks will change to a normal task (near before the end of the game)... Good luck!

Hurrican Game Cheats / Passwords / Tricks / Hints / Help

Hurrican is a very cool Turrican remake (freeware game) from Poke53280. During the first games, you maybe think that it is a very hard game. But after some further games, you will improve your gameplay and you should finish the game without cheating. Try to finish the game without cheating, it brings you more fun playing without cheats, instead of walking through the game!!! Anyway, there are some buildt-in cheats. You get the passwords during the gameplay: Collect all diamonds in a level to receive one password. Press the tab key to open the "console" and enter a password. Note that the points counter of the game remains on zero when you're cheating! Here are the passwords, but how I already said: Try the game first without cheating...

Level 1 idfa all weapons on maximum
Level 2 benkenwurmus 99 lives
Level 3 traveller in time 999 time
Level 4 derfnam znert God mode
Level 5 trailblazer infinite wheel
Level 6 dont stop me now fastest autofire
Level 7 supersize me best supershot
Level 8 trantor was here flamethrower instead normal weapon
Level 9 dnstuff 999 grenades, powerlines and shockwaves
Other console commands quit, minimap, record demo, load demo, stop demo ?

There are also some other cheats or tricks in the game:

Start the Tutorial level. Instead walking right, try to jump on the tube or pipe (or whatever it is). You can only do this, by laying some bombs during the wheel mode. (When the bombs explode during you are rolling over it, you can make a higher jump). On the tube you can walk (or roll) left through the wall and fall down to a secret place. There are 9 other tubes on the floor. Each tube is for a level. Jump into the tube, and you will start direct in the corresponding level.

Savegame mod (try it at your own risk!!!): Use a hex editor and change the position 0x68 to the value FF and you have 255 lives. Works only on the first gamesave. (I read this mod in the internet and did't try it myself, better make a backup of your gamesave before you try this...).

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