Buenzli 16 (2007) pictures



This year, I was at the Buenzli Demoparty in Winterthur with my friend Vectrex. We had a good time and a lot of fun with demos, music, chatting with other sceners and drinking a lot of M-Budget Energy-Drinks :-). More comments direct by the pictures. A big "thank you" to the party organizers for the Buenzli.

<< My party report in German is in the News section / Mein Bericht in Deutsch befindet sich in den News >>

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Oh wait, I forgot... You don't know what a Demo or a Demoparty is? Then read point 2.1 and 4.1 of the Demo and Demoscene FAQ


But now the pictures:

At the beginning... Pretty much sceners were already arrived at dooropening at 1700 on Friday.
Tux and Vectrex
My friend Vectrex, WLAN controlled from his little Tux.
Men at work...
The first livepart on Friday Evening (if I remember correctly??) Loud (but good) techno music, combined with demo graphics.
Vectrex painting his picture for the graphics compo...
Simply a pic of the main party hall
Vectrex and Chainsaw on late Saturday evening, waiting for the compos.
No, you have to pay the entrance fee, or you have to leave immediately !!! No discussion...
"Ghost pic" of the party place... (10 seconds shutter time of the camera)
Another "ghost pic".
90 VERNICHTET... Some people were busy with killing zombies or with making huge traffic crashes with the Burnout game.
Demosceners coding their demos :-)
More Demosceners coding their demos :-)
The delayed but very great OHP demo of the Drifters. Do you see, that nobody stand at the OHP, during the lines were drawn??? The "machine" of the Drifters did the OHP demo full automatic... Unbelievable OHP demo, you must download the movie on scene.org (link follows) to watch what the Drifters machine did !
Demosceners studiing "THE MACHINE"...
Another picture of the great (or devilish) "Machine".
What do they see on the monitor or on the desk ????
No further information
Another picture of the partyplace... I'm not sure, if we see here the great Chefkoch in front of the kitchen serving some sceners with beer, pizza, Hot Dogs or whatever else...
Ok, now it's 2:10 a.m. in the night to the Monday after the Buenzli. After sleeping only 4 and 5 hours the last 2 nights, I have to sleep now, after finishing this foto-page. I hope you enjoyed the fotos, and the Buenzli. Hope to see you next year... BUENZLI RULEZ !!!!
Greetings to: Vectrex, Unlock, Robocop, Chefkoch, T$, All of Metalvotze, dBiz, Drifters and all others that I forgot (or that I can't remember their names)

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