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Various questions and answers about this website...

Q: Why "Chainsaw's Homepage", why this name?
A: A long time ago, I needed a nickname for a chatroom. Without long considering, I choose the name "Chainsaw" just for testing the chatroom. I can't remember why exactly this name (maybe because the game Maniac Mansion, where you can't find gas for a chainsaw, or maybe because the nice movie "Texas Chainsaw massacre"), but I stayed using this name until today as nickname, or even also for this website... And because "Chainsaw" is often already used, you sometimes also see the alternative name "Chainsaw72".
Q: Why do you show pictures of your old computers/games? What is the sense of this website?
A: Why not? Many people show their collections in the internet. It is like a virtual museum. And a lot of people like these old computers and remember the good old times by watching these pictures. The sense of the site is showing my game/computer collection, showing stuff around the computer demoscene and a lot more...
Q: Why this simple design of the page? And these terrible colors? Why not using a professional tool or a template?
A: Enjoy this simple design. A lot of pages are overloaded with flash-animations, ugly backgroundgraphics and are full of advertisings etc. And better a simple hand-made design than a frontpage template or a word press page, that is used by thousands of people. Also you should know, that I don't pay any webspace fees, the page is hosted on a small free 20MB webspace from my provider. (Update: Moved to lima-city.de free webspace)
Q: Somewhere you write about "Demos" and show fotos from a "Demoparty". What's this exactly?
A: Read the Demo and Demoscene FAQ
Q: I saw some nice consoles, games or computer parts in the news blog, but not in the museum.
A: Yes, I should update the museum as soon as possible. Watch out for new stuff in the news until the museum is updated.
Q: Since years, there are no descriptions by some museum pieces. And some are in english and some are in german... WHY ???
A: I know these problems... Since years ??? Oh, time is running very fast...
Q: My question is not listed here...
A: Shit happens.