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This year the Buenzli Demoparty was on the 14th, 15th and 15th August, like every year in Winterthur / Switzerland. Here are some fotos and other informations about the party. Note that I put all pictures, videos and all stuff in a row higgledy-piggledy on this page. Just scroll up and down how you want and stop where you want and where you see something interesting. Post about your likes and dislikes or about what you want in my guestbook..

Oh wait, I forgot... You don't know what a Demo or a Demoparty is? Then read point 2.1 and 4.1 of the Demo and Demoscene FAQ

But now the pictures and the stuff:

Welcome to Buenzli 18

The main hall / partyplace

The main hall / partyplace
The main hall / partyplace

on the right side the operators desk with the guys from demoscene.tv and the party operators

our desk
again our desk
the retro gaming corner with C64...
and a very old console, but also Mega Drive, GBA and PS2 were there to play
Any freak (!)
oh no !!! What happend ?!?!?!?!
welcome desk
Le Cube, a great hardware production from the Drifters, Calodox and TRSI. (Scroll down for Youtubevideo)
Nice fresh idea: Balloon compo. The balloon that fly the farthest will win. (Everybody attach a postcard with his name, and the finder of the balloon should send the postcard back to Unlock (Unlock = Party orga). But it wasn't nice to send the sceners out in the sun. (too much light...)
Here they go... Mmhh, could be a 1K demo ??
FAIL !!! ;-) No no, just bad luck. And after some minutes with throwing bottles, shoes and a broom (!) the balloon was free...
Last year I did a demo on a sharp calculator, this year on this Epson computer. It wasn't easy and because I started only a few days before the party I had not enough time... I considered if I should show it, and decided to do it...
So, here some videos of "Le Cube" and my demo...

***** Video of the demo recorded at partyplace in good quality *************** Video recorded live at the party place ***********

Notes to my demo: Coded in basic language on the Epson HX-20. It's an old homecomputer from about 1982. It has a 120x36 dots display, but can also connected to a tv. Also it can be programmed in Assembler, but I don't own the necessary expansion module. Long loading time is precalculation of the cube at the end of the demo. Calculating it in realtime was too slow. The demo was shown in the Game/Wild/Alternative demo compo and I got the 3rd place.
Important Links:
German partyreport from Vectrex on the Retrozentrale
All Buenzli 18 demos on pouet.net (year 2009)
Follow this Link to watch all Democompos of the Buenzli 18 on Demoscene.TV (embeded in the Browser, you need no video player)
Greetings to: All party organizers and all people I met at the partyplace. Thank you for the party, the interesting demos and all !!!

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