My collection of old Computers and game consoles.
Specials, curious (eletronic) toys and other various stuff...
Last update: 17th January 2010.
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The Royal Video special arcade machine. Works with jamma platines.

Thanks to my friend "Vectrex" for helping to transport it. (3rd floor, no elevator, anything else to say???)

Nice to have it :-)



The non-electronic Pac Man game :-)

The "shocking roulette". An idea of a unknown sick person... 4 players can put their fingers in the game, and after a countdown, one of the players get an electrical shock. Everybody I know (and myself) are hating this game !!! No thanks...



The Driver 2 energy drink.

It was a free gift when I bought the game in the softridge store.

Best before 07.2002...



An old Commodore calculator. Unknown how old it is, but it still works. The serial number ends with 83 (maybe the year?)



A special controler for the Playstation 1... The Glove... But it is not easy the controle a game with this thing.

Glove Handintheglove

A very old mobile phone for the C Network. (Model Panasonic EB 2701C) The price for the new device was about 15000 swiss francs... I think this model was on the market in the year 1985 or 1986. In the case was space for the phone, a spare battery and all cables. Also a loudspeaker was built-in in the case. (Don't ask me, what function the long nail has...?) This text is also availible in german on the Retrozentrale. <<here>>


Now there are two of them... ;-) (new)


Mario merchandise... (new)


The famous game Senso. (Mini senso) / The original name of the game is "Simon". (new)

Mini Senso

The Intel SDK-85, a single-board microcomputer system with the Intel 8085A processor from the year 1977... If you want more information about it, search in the www... Wikipedia link ->Here<- (new)

Intel SDK System Design Kit
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