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Model: Vectrex Manufacturer: GCE / MB Year: 1982-1984
The Vectrex was (and is still) a very popular game console with its own monitor. But it isn't a normal monitor like a TV, the Vectrex has a vector graphics screen. Because the monitor has only one color (white vector lines on black background) there are color overlays delivered with every game. On the picture you see the blue overlay at the monitor from the built-in game "Mine Storm". Mine Storm is a very good Asteroids clone. On the right picture you see some very good Vectrex games. More information and links about the Vectrex on
Model: Odyssey2 / G7000 Manufacturer: Magnavox / Philips Year: 1978-1984
The Magnavox Odyssey 2, in Europe better known as the Philips G7000. It has less graphics and sound abilities than the Atari 2600 and only about 50 games were released. Also 3 special games were released, they are a mixture of computer game and classic board game. On the right picture you see the rare game "The quest for the rings". Also learning games and Basic Programming were possible with the keyboard. Later the G7200 with a built-in 9" monochrom monitor was brought out and later the G7400 with better graphics. (both rare today).
G7000Das Geheimnis der Ringe
Model: Coleco Vision Manufacturer: CBS Year: 1982-1985
The Coleco Vision was a very powerful console in 1982. Better graphics than the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision and a lot of accessories. On the picture you see a steering wheel and a foot pedal for racing games. On the right you see the very rare expansion module #1 that allows you to play Atari 2600 games on the Coleco Vision.
Model: Intellivision Manufacturer: Mattel Electronics Year: 1980-1984
The Intellivision console from Mattel.
Model: Interton VC4000 Manufacturer: Interton Year: 1978-1982
The Interton VC 4000 console.
Interton VC4000
Model: Videoplay Manufacturer: Saba (also known as Fairchild Channel F) Year: 1976-1979
The Saba Videoplay console.
Saba Videoplay
Model: Sonnesta Manufacturer: "Licensed by Magnavox" Year: unknown
No, these are not walkie-talkies. The Sonnesta is a very early pong console (also with connection cable to the TV) with various pong games. The "paddles" are usual volume-controllers from hifisystems. Also the housings are possibly from walkie talkies. Funny: The devices have loudspeakers for the game sounds. A very special pong console, and it's very funny playing pong with them :-)
Model: Atari 2600 / 2600Jr Manufacturer: Atari Year: 1977-1992
The Atari 2600 and Atari 2600Jr.
Model: Atari 7800 Manufacturer: Atari Year: 1994-1992
The Atari 7800 console.
Model: Mega Drive Manufacturer: Sega Year: 1988-1997
The Mega Drive from Sega.
Mega Drive
Model: Dreamcast Manufacturer: Sega Year: 1998 - 2004
The Dreamcast console.
Model: Play Station Manufacturer: Sony Year: 1994 - 2004
One of the first models of the Sony Playstation.
Play Station
Model: Play Station 2 Manufacturer: Sony Year: 2000 - 2007

E: The great Play Station 2, one of the best game consoles. Everbody should know this game console. On the picture you see one of the first european models, SCPH-30004. I bought it on November 2000 if I remember correctly, one day before the official european launch was. Since the start, thousands of games were released, and the PS2 plays also the old Playstation one games.

D: Die berühmte Play Station 2, eine der besten Spielkonsolen überhaupt. Jedermann sollte sie kennen. Auf dem Bild ist eine der zuerst erschienenen PS2 Modelle, die SCPH-30004. Ich kaufte sie im November 2000 wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, und dies sogar einen Tag vor dem offiziellen Europa-Start. Seither erschienen tausende von Spielen, und die PS2 spielt natürlich auch alte Play Station 1 Spiele.

Play Station 2
Model: Play Station 2 Slim Manufacturer: Sony Year: 2006 - 20xx

E: After 6 years, Sony brought out the Play Station 2 "Slim" or better known as PStwo, with a much smaller housing and a optimized hardware. A lot of different PStwo-models were released, f.e. with external or internal power supplies, other hardware structure etc. This one is one of the newest models, the SCPH-77004. I bought it because the laser of my old model became some problems to read some gamediscs. It also has built in the Matrix Infinity Mod Chip, but not for playing illegal copies, but for old PS1 Import Games that I own. In the memory card slot 2 you also see the AR2, the Action Replay cheat module from Datel for the Play Station.

D: Nach etwa 6 Jahren, hat Sony eine viel kleinere Play Station 2 Variante herausgebracht, unter dem Namen PStwo bekannt, mit einem kleineren Gehäuse und optimierter Hardware. Es gibt viele verschiedene PStwo Modelle, z.B. mit internem oder externen Netzteil, verschiedenem Hardware-Aufbau usw. Auf dem Bild ist eines der neuesten Modelle ersichtlich, die SCPH-70004. Ich kaufte diese, weil der Laser meiner alten PS2 den Geist langsam aufgibt und einige Spiele nicht mehr liest. Sie hat auch einen Matrix Infinity Mod Chip eingebaut, aber nicht für illegale Kopien, sondern für einige alte PS1 Importspiele die ich noch besitze. Im Memory Card Steckplatz 2 steckt noch ein AR2, das Action Replay Modul ("Schummelmodul") von Datel für die Play Station 2.

Model: Retro Duo (new) Manufacturer: - Year: 2009
The Retro Duo console is a newer console, that play NES and SNES modules. Too bad that the console isn't 100% compatible with all NES/SNES modules, f.e. games with the Super FX Chip.
Model: Atari Flashback (new) Manufacturer: Atari Year: ?
The Atari Flashback is a very small Plug-to-TV console that plays 20 original Atari 2600 games.
Atari Flashback
Model: Games Manufacturer: - Year: 2005 - 2007
Some official game emulators for the Play Station 2 for playing good old games on a modern game console...
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