Buenzli 2006 - My Commodore 64 Demo and Greetings.

I also started coding a demo during the Buenzli for the surprise compo (Theme given from the Buenzli staff: Bombs, Mc Gyver, Chuck Norris), I named it provisionally "Back to Basic". I choose this name, because the demo should be programmed in pure Basic V2 on a Commodore 64. But on Saturday in the early afternoon, my SX-64 was broken :-(((((( , and I couldn't finish the demo and I couldn't insert some sound or music. (And also not the 3 themes that must be used in the compo demo). And because of the very very slow Party-Network, I couldn't download a commodore emulator to my college's notebook to finish the demo.

Oh wait, maybe you don't know what a demo is, or what a demoparty is... ? You can read points 2.1 and 4.1 on the following link: Demo and Demoscene FAQ (but don't forget to come back to my page !!!) )

Ok, back to my demo: Finally they showed my unfinished demo, and because the demo was running on a Commodore with fastloader, some nice effects were lost. And also, the already finished ending screen was also not shown, because the middle part wasn't finished yet.

You see, I had a some bad luck with my SX-64, but the party was great anyway, and I met a lot of very nice sceners :-) And my demo was on 6th place (of 8 demos).

Greetings to: VECTREX, ROBOCOP, CCP, TWH (and the other atari guys), T$, UNLOCK, METALVOTZE, the Buenzli Team, and all the other guys (sorry, I forgot your names if you told them to me) and also greetings to the guy that sells the food and drinks.

Watch my demo (special after-party-version) on You Tube by pressing play on the You Tube-plugin (see below). If the plugin doesn't work, press the direct link button.

Back to Basic Demo (direct link)

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